Data privacy and GDPR

(Regulatory Compliance)
By Last May in 2018, Europe Union begin GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) in earnest. Like this, The whole world is strengthening the rules for Private Information Protection and Compliance. According to this flow, each enterprises rapidly sensor private information located in everywhere, and should construct Data governance system essentially to comply GDPR Rules and immediately figure out the risk to response.

Why DataStreams?

  •  Easy to figure out Personal information location and Attributes with Metadata
    DataStreams supports to make things easy to figure out Personal Information location, current status, and attributes by providing Data Search Function based on Metadata. Also, with integrated management and constant monitoring function, DataStreams can lead you greater ease to comply with legal regulations and more insightful business planning.
  •  Data Quality Assurance
    DataStreams helps you improve and maintain your data quality by ensuring the consistency and accuracy of your data through governance rules and processes.
  •  Data Transparency
    We boosts transparency and understanding of information by providing you a way of tracking data from its origin to destination across its lifecycle and all the processes it’s involved in.

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