TeraStream for MS Dynamics 365™

Apply Terastream engine to automatize the whole manual work processes of data migration(extract/integrated data from a variety of sources to reload). By linking Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Terastream, you can process/integrate all business data, such ERP and CRM, to support work process automation and various analytics services.

Why DataStreams?

  •  Convenience
    - Support data integration without writing a single line of code
    - Offer intuitive user interface that is user-friendly and easy to use
  •  Performance
    - Provide a various powerful data transformation/cleansing features to achieve higher productivity
    - Support to connect MS Dynamics 365 with virtually all types of datebases and systems
  •  Automation
    - Allow users to schedule ongoing integration jobs on a scheduled basis
    - Enable auto data loading while remaining data integrity