TeraStream for AWS™

TeraStream for AWS makes data integration on the cloud easier, faster, and more accessible, with minimal software cost. It is designed for high-speed data integration for anyone from business analysts, integration specialists, to app developers. Built for cloud, now you get the service up and running in minutes with just a few clicks.

Why Cloud?

  •  Higher Availability
    Build and manage integrations without additional infrastructure. Set up a data integration environment anytime and anywhere to extract data from any source and load clean and structured data quickly and easily
  •  Cost-Reduction
    Get TeraStream license on an hourly basis for data integration/transformation/migration. Use our on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud and pay only for what you are using
  •  Easier and Faster Data Integration
    Make data integration projects more agile and flexible by enabling a fast, easy way to ingest all your data into the cloud