Smart City

The major goal of Smart City project is to improve the life quality of citizens by setting up Safe and Convenient City System.
According to achieve this purpose, DataStreams collect and storage the data from various types of IoT Sensors, and design Data Platform for Future Smart City to make it easy to analyze data generated from the City, which could lead the City to improve sustainable service, economic growth, and provide High-quality Public Services to the citizens.

Why DataStreams?

  •  Environmental Base Set-up for Trustful Analysis
    DataStreams provides Data Storage (Data Lake) solutions based on Stable Big Data Platform. Also, through this, various and reliable analysis could be possible.
  •  Ready for collecting Various types of Data
    The various structured and unstructured data that general city should be held in the integrated storage through the data collector. The Platform provided by DataStreams would support the customers to store various types of Data easily and lead them to load data to analysis tools.
  •  Stability regarding Open Sources
    The platform for Smart City could be able to link with various open Sources. However, in order to minimize the open source problems, we assign technical support for the customers to do technical responses and maintenance.
  •  Able to provide well-structured education
    DataStreams could provide education to increase the overall understanding of the system for Smart City. It could make sure for customers to use the system to do proper analysis. The preferred teaching method is remote tele-education.

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Customer Success Stories

Pilot System Implementation for DaNang City
The goal of this pilot implementation is to improve the transportation system(Improvement of the traffic light control system) for smooth traffic flow among the various themes of traffic analysis. In order to achieve the goal, we help analyze data generated from vehicle detection sensors, video cameras, CCTVs, and vehicle GPS to improve the signal system.
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