Data Marketplace

Data is of unprecedented important today. The most valuable companies of today treat data as a commodity, which they trade and earn revenues. To facilitate such trading, data marketplaces have emerged data trade across the industries is vitalizing and market demands tamper-proof platform which encourages free data trades based on “data economy” concept and “block chain” technology.

Why DataStreams?

  •  Various and valuable Data offer
    Data marketplaces typically offer various types of data for different markets and from diverse sources.
    Based on Integrated big data platform, TeraONE, various data(structured, unstructured) can be collected and mixed in a variety of way. It offer data in specific formats for individual clients.
  •  Validated Data trade model under data governance
    DataStreams provides an end-to-end big data management solution that covers all types of data with governance framework. Data product registration, data analysis, value evaluation, and data trade services are securely provided under data governance scheme.
  •  Data exchange transparency using blockchain
    Blockchain acts as an enabler of trusted data transaction between providers and consumers. With blockchain, data transactions are cryptographically validated by the ecosystem participants using data value evaluation models and the entire transaction history is available for all to see, in either public or private ledger within each ecosystem.
  •  Data Search & Discovery
    Regardless of data structure and location, user can search and discovery data that they need using data search engine based on metadata. Data visualization service like data map provides that users can find necessary data easily and efficiently from diverse and high-volume of data sets