TeraStream for Hadoop™

TeraStream for Hadoop™ is a large volume data integration solution combined with Hadoop.
TeraStream for hadoop™ is a specialized solution for big data processing by combining TeraStream ™ and the hadoop eco-system to provide distributed file system and platform.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Function of analyzing big data linking with analysis tools
    Terastream for Hadoop™ enables big data analytics with a variety of open source analysis tools.
  • Easily use difficult Hadoop system through TeraStream™
    You can easily and conveniently process big data by combining strengths between TeraStream™ and the hadoop.
  • Distributed processing integrated monitoring for multiple nodes.
    You can change to integrated monitoring from distributed monitoring of multiple nodes.
  • Manpower reduction for development
    You can reduce the manpower for development through the interfaces of TeraStream™ and hadoop.