TeraTDS™ is a solution to ensure protection for sensitive test data by safely delivering encrypted data in a human-readable format from the operation system to the development/test system.
TeraTDS™ is a solution for generating, transforming and managing test data while building the development or test system, which encrypts test data in human-readable format, while maintaining all features of the data and the relations between tables.
TeraTDS™ can be configured with the high-speed ETL solution TeraStream™, and it supports most commercial DBMS,including ORACLE, DB2, SYBASE ASIQ, ASE, Informix, MS-SQL, Altibase, Tibero and Teradata.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Support various OS and DBMS
    TeraTDS™ supports multiple OS including Windows and Unix, as well as most types of commercial and open-source DBMS.
  • Secure Sensitive Information
    TeraTDS™ encrypts data at the same time when the data is extracted, therefore protecting data from being recovered or interpreted in any of the later stage.
  • High Speed Process
    TeraTDS™ Extracts and transforms data 5~10 times faster than general SQL, by using our own high performance data extraction module FACT™ and large volume sorting module CoSort ™.
  • Ensure Referential Integrity
    TeraTDS™ can maintain data compatibility and the referential integrity(RI) information between tables during the encryption process, by comparing and matching the schema information between the tables in the operation system and the test tables.