TeraStream™ is an high-performance enterprise data integration solution that can extract, transform, and load data of various formats.
It allows you to process large volume data in a user friendly way with its drag-and-drop GUI environment.
TeraStream™ is a high-performance GUI-based enterprise data integration solution that helps you extract, (prepare), transform (convert), and load (distribute) large volume of data. TeraStream™ supports connections to diverse databases, and built-in extracting engine (FACT™) and sorting engine (CoSort™) enable you to process more data in less time, saving your money and resources. addition to the ready to use operations like reformatting, sorting, joining, merging, and group by, TeraStream™ supports transformation scheduling, version control, monitoring, and unified metadata management to improve user experience.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • High Performance
    TeraStream supports splitting large data sets into smaller subsets that are processed in parallel to ensure high-speed integration and processing.
  • Monitoring
    You can monitor the ETL processes and files in real-time or
    inquire job history logs in the solution UI or on the web.
  • Ease of Use
    TeraStream™ eliminate the need for coding by specifying
    data sources/targets and the rules for extracting,
    processing, and loading data.
  • User-friendly Environment
    TeraStream™ is based on Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    and offer a visual flow of the system’s logic, which enables
    you to specify rules using a drag-and-drop interface to
    show the flow of data in a process.
  • Team-based Development
    TeraStream™ allows team-based and concurrent
    development for collaborating on integration projects,
    with associated version control and user authority
    management features.
  • Scheduling
    With TeraStream™’s job scheduling function, you can
    select to execute ETL tasks immediately, at a specified
    time, or periodically. You can also, modify, delete, execute,
    and terminate scheduled tasks.

Customer Success Stories

  • Kookmin Bank,
    EDW and integrated DM installation
    Integrate Various DBMS by using TeraStream™ and
    meeting batch time of 2 hours and 30 minutes for 4TB data.
  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance,
    Building a new system and successful data migration
    Reduced migration time through proven procedures
    From various experiences and minimize errors
    And improve data quality with accumulate know-hows.