DeltaStream™ is a replication solution to identify and capture changes made to a database by using CDC(Change Data Capture) technology, which allows you to detect, capture, and deliver changed data in real time.
Rather than batch-oriented, DeltaStream™ captures only changed records in source databases in real time and delivers them to target databases, therefore minimizing the usage of system resources for ETL processes.
In addition, DeltaStream™ enables real-time data integration by capturing data directly from core transactional systems as it is being gathered.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Change Data Capture in Real Time
    Deltastream™ extracts changed data in real time by supporting parallel process of functions of extraction, refinement and transmission.
  • Monitor and Deal With Fault in Real Time
    Deltastream™ is a GUI based solution that allows you to monitor your data and deal with the faults in real time.
  • Transform and Load Data Instantly
    Deltastream™ can transform the changed data into a format that can be uploaded to target database and also able to load data in real time.
  • Minimize Burden of System Resource
    Deltastream™ minimizes use of DB engine and system resource by using transaction log of DBMS.