QualityStream™ is a web-based data quality management software that lets you correct your data, create custom data rules, organize data in profiles, and more.
QualityStream™ has profiling and discovery capabilities based on various parameters like completeness, integrity, duplication, conformity, and accuracy to help you ensure you have high-quality data to power important business decisions.
With its web-based easy-to-use interface, QualityStream™ enables both technical and non-technical users to verify business rules and improve data from any source, thus ensuring faster, improved decision making.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Data Profiling
    QualityStream™ supports to validate data against standard statistical measures and uncover relationships, helping you discover, understand and potentially expose inconsistencies in your data.
  • Data Quality Assurance
    QualityStream™ helps you improve and maintain your data quality by ensuring the consistency and accuracy of your data through governance rules and processes.
  • Data Cleansing
    QualityStream™ enforces the data standardization rules that are needed to deliver insights from your data sets, by correcting duplicate records, nonstandard data representations and unknown data types.
  • Quality Monitoring
    QualityStream™ has the functions to monitor the quality of your data over time and alert you when the data violates any business rules that have been defined in advanced.