IRUDA™ is a unified platform that integrated metadata-based data integration, quality, classification, verification, improvement, lineage, sharing, and utilization.
IRUDA™ is a data Governance Platform that unifies functions of data integration, standard, quality and lineage management.
With this fully integrated and unified solution, you can ensure the enterprise data your business relies on is trusted.
In addition, you can consolidate and centrally govern data lifecycle to increase the quality and consistency of information across your organization.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Privacy Data Protection
    IRUDA™ helps manage data privacy to assure that your data complies with regulations like GDPR and Basel II&III, by creating a single information source for privacy data to help you understand who creates the data, who owns it, and how the business uses it.
  • Browsing, Searching & Filtering
    IRUDA™ provides a business user-focused front end to search and browse your metadata. Use its filtering and search capabilities, you can even narrow the list of records within an entity.
  • Data Catalog
    IRUDA™ catalogs the business, technical, and operational characteristics of data and it is instrumental in managing, overseeing, and measuring tomorrow’s data governance processes.
  • Enterprise data governance
    IRUDA™ connects technical data to its business context to express data in business terms to ensure the broadest engagement and empower business and IT users to collaborate interactively.
  • Role-based Security
    IRUDA™ provides a robust security framework that controls access across systems, business subjects, tables, fields, etc. to ensure that only intended users have access to their information.
  • History & Auditing
    IRUDA™ maintains a history of all modifications made in each module, including creations, changes, and deletions. You can easily audit functionality records information about who performed an action and when, along with which entity was affected.