MetaStream™ is a metadata-based enterprise data standardization solution.
Metadata – the information that describes your data – management is the first step in creating a solid foundation to move enterprise data governance forward. MetaStream™ is a solution to help people across an enterprise share a common understanding of the definition and description of data, understand where and how the data is stored, and how the data can be consumed. It features a metadata repository that enables you to ingest and store metadata from multiple sources, import model information from modeling tools, constantly monitor the status of metadata management, and automatically generate DDL to deploy to the development, test, and operation repository, in order to reduce the risk of misusing data due to inconsistent understandings.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Metadata Capture and Publication
    MetaStream™ identifies and captures multiple internal and external metadata sources, including, various types of databases, models, ETL, OLAP, and XML, integrates and manages the information, and publishes the organized information through a standardized interface.
  • Standard Compliance
    MetaStream™ reinforces data (word, terminology, domain, and code) and model compliance with its integrated management and constant monitoring function, leading to greater ease to comply with legal regulations and more insightful business planning.
  • Data Standardization
    MetaStream™ helps create a data dictionary that identifies the definitions, descriptions, and uses of words, terminologies, domains, and codes. It also supports mapping technical data assets to business terms, in order to ensure agreement between business concepts and technical terminologies.
  • Model Management
    MetaStream™ can connect with a variety of modeling tools to extract model information, inquire and manage model relations, analyze changes, manage indexes, generate DDL, etc.
  • Search and Discovery
    MetaStream™ supports interactive keyword searching and browsing of the metadata with simple Google-like search function, which allows you to easily find out the type, format, ownership, and usage of the data, its relations with other data, and more.
  • Database Management
    MetaStream™ can extract catalog information from various types of relational databases. It provides DB object (table, column, index, process) information and manage change history. Table structure can be improved by comparing the database to the physical model

Customer Success Stories

  • Korean Intellectual Property Office
    Patent Examination Data Quality Management
    Patent examination data was not consistent and data reliability was very low. Data is expanding(error rate is currently 15%) since quality examination function does not exist during the process of data creation, and the errors are unknown. Error is corrected temporarily without getting improved whenever they are being found. DataStreams found out errors timely from each user’s tasks, and provided information to cleanse the data to increase accuracy of data quality to 99.3% within 1 year through DS constant quality management process.
  • DAEGU Bank
    Meta, Quality, Impact and Lineage Integrated Governance
    Daegu Bank started next generation implementation later than other banks, so they wanted to try a standard next generation system implementation from the enterprise-wide perspective, which has not been achieved by other banks.
    DataStreams defined standard policy, standard management process and roles, and organization through data management system consulting, and set profiling and quality policy based on data quality index(DQI), critical to quality(CTQ) to verify data errors.