MasterStream™ is a solution to link all of the key information into one big master file to deliver a single view
of your data across internal and external sources.
MasterStream™ is a tool for consolidating, cleaning, and augmenting enterprise master data, the critical business information supporting the transactional and analytical operations of the enterprise.
It helps build the 360 degree view of key business information to allow you to take full advantage of your organization’s data for better business outcomes.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • A Single View of Data
    MasterStream™ helps gain a single, trusted view of your data to increase the quality and consistency of information across your organization.
  • Centralization
    MasterStream™ merges data from heterogenous data sources into a single data repository for consolidation, cleansing, address verification and more.
  • Consolidation
    MasterStream™ has the capabilities to consolidate your master data by using match and merging algorithms to accurately remove duplicate records.
  • Data Security
    The centralized repository of MasterStream™ allows you to monitor and better protect sensitive data across all source types thus reducing the risk of personal data exposure.