Q-Track™ is a solution to help you track where data comes from,
what changes may have been made to that data, by whom, when and why.
Q-Track™ provides a visual representation of the data lineage that allows you to view the overall flow of data from its source location to its destination.
That is to say, Q-Track™ enables you to track, manage and view a data lifecycle that includes the data’s origins and where it moves over time, which helps simplify tracking errors back to the data source and debugging the data flow process, and thus shortening the decision making process and enhancing data loss prevention.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Data Transparency
    Q-Track™ boosts transparency and understanding of information by providing you a way of tracking data from its origin to destination across its lifecycle and all the processes it’s involved in.
  • Impact Analysis
    Q-Track™ gives you full visibility into the table/column level lineage of your data, allowing you to detect and notify more easily when errors might impact downstream systems and analysis.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Q-Track™ gives you full visibility into the lineage of your data and ensures your business can stay within regulations and standards, because having a start-to-finish record of your data can maintain integrity and clarity.
  • Error Remediation
    With Q-Track™, you can view how your data is being accessed, transformed, and shared across your company, and thus can figure out which reports have been impacted by erroneous sources.