TeraStream BASS™

TeraStream BASS™ is a one-stop solution for collecting real-time IoT data and turning it into valuable business assets
TeraStream BASS™ helps you simplify IoT(Internet of Things) data collection and normalization, by connecting with any device, machine, or equipment to collect and transform IoT data in real-time, and send the data to Hadoop or target RDBMS for business analysis. You need accurate and timely data to deliver successful services no matter what IoT application you are building. With TeraStream BASS™, you can realize Smart Factory/Campus/Retail that all targeted factories/campuses/retails are connected, easy to manage, and with minimal downtime.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Connecting Anytime and Anywhere
    TeraStream BASS™ can connect with any types of IoT device, machine, or equipment and enable you to extract, store, move, and analyze your IoT data anytime and anywhere to help you acquire maximum value from the data.
  • Business Process Optimization
    TeraStream BASS™ provides real-time monitoring and configurable user notification functions to enable you to monitor your devices to improve business outcomes by automating and optimizing work processes.
  • IoT Data Management
    TeraStream BASS™ can acquire information and insights from the collected IoT data with statistical analytics to help increase the efficiency of your operational processes, improve your business performance, reduce unnecessary cost and maintenance, save time and energy, and more.
  • Advanced Data Analysis
    TeraStream BASS™ can create dashboards and distribute reports based on the data collected from the IoT, to ensure that necessary information can be delivered to the right people at the right time.