TeraONE Super Query

TeraONE Super Query is the data search & discovery solution in a single view.
TeraONE Super Query is a virtual integrated solution to aggregate data from diverse data sources and repositories and to inquire relevant data through a single access channel.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Easily search and discover data
    Regardless of data type/structure and location, you can extract and aggregate data using standard SQL through single access channel.
  • Speedily and Flexibly access various data
    Applying in-memory open source Spark Engine, you can access data easily and speedily from various data repositories(RDBMS, Hadoop)
  • Synchronize stable metadata
    You can utilize trusted data by the megastore manager which manages meta information of all the data sources separately.
  • Minimize application operational impacts
    You can use standard database interface and manage/allocate memory resources to minimize changes of the existing applications.