TeraONE™ helps you gain real-time data streaming, batch data processing, enterprise data quality, and data governance capabilities, ensuring data is ready for further analytics at the right place and time, and in the right format.
TeraONE™ is a big data platform that covers the entire data integration and governance process, including data extraction, import to a data lake and Hadoop, cleansing, processing, and monitoring.
You can use TeraONE™ to collect, clean, prepare, and transform your data to make it available to everyone.

Data Platform

Key Features

  • High-Speed Mass Ingestion
    TeraONE™ can ingest data from various source systems into cloud and big environment, and provide a single view to monitor and plan these big data resources to achieve better compliance and performance management.
  • Real-time & Streaming Data Integration
    TeraONE™ meets the growing demand for real-time data ingestion and processing, enables you to integrate IoT and streaming data to reduce time and increase efficiency of data preparation.
  • Single View of Data
    TeraONE™ has the function to match and eliminate duplicate key information within and across big data sources and link them to create trusted and relevant customer views.
  • Real-time search
    By using TeraONE™, you can search and find records in real time about metadata and their relationships across your organization.
  • Data Governance
    TeraONE™ provides end-to-end data lineage to allow you to get complete tracking of data movement, and helps you quickly identify related tables, views, domains, and reports.
  • Security
    TeraONE™ offers security features that authenticates end user permissions and eliminates the need to login multiple times during the same session. It can also log and monitor user activities and accounts to keep track of who is doing what in the system.
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