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TeraStream™ Designer Education 1day
(6 hours)
DI developers This course enables developers to understand concept of TeraStream™, and practically train how to extract, convert and load data. You will learn how to load data to target DBMS after going through processes of extracting and converting data of source DBMS. You will also practice functions of converting in various ways, such as alignment, join and grouping, in the course of conversion, and these functions can be implemented by means of point-and-click without programs. Once a month

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Training Course Agenda

 TeraStream™ Designer Education
Course Section Contents
TeraStream™ Introduction

Overview ETCL and explanation of TeraStream’s features

Relationship Introduction of Projects and Blocks

TeraStream™ Server Connection

Learn how to link TeraStream™ Designer and Server

Explanation of each objects and projects

Introduction and Practice of Unload Block

How to extract data from DBMS

NUMERIC type and LOB Data Processing Method

Learn other function of Unload Block

ODBC Connection Method

Connection Method for each DBMS by using ODBC

Introduction and Practice of Data Conversion Block

Function Explanation of SGM, Convertor, Join, USQL, and User SCL Block

Introduction and Practice of Load Block

How to Load Data to DBMS

Parallel Load and DBMS Load Option Explanation

Introduction and Practice of Other Blocks

Explanation of External Command, Project Practice, Control, File Separate and Merge, Memo Block, Scheduler Function

Functions Explanation

Explanation of 100 internal functions provided by TeraStream™

Explanation of User-Defined Function and Global Variables/Local Variables

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