About Us

To unleash the power of your data, DataStreams will be your best partner
Many enterprises fell in a dilemma because even they have large portion of data, but they could not utilize it in effective way. In this regards, they need to find an IT corporation which could support them with proper solutions and consulting services. DataStreams build world leading solutions that process, manage and deliver your data securely and efficiently across any and every data platform.

Why DataStreams?

We always start with a good understanding of customer needs from our plentiful experience in data management. We have the capabilities to diagnose customers’ data and figure our improvement directions, which is a vital step towards successful solution implementation. We have more complete product line-ups than our competitors which cover both big data integration and big data governance, which enable customer to do a step by step incremental data management deployment that does not have a major impact on their ongoing operations based on their data management capabilities, business roadmap, and system environment. Most importantly, we offered our solutions at a more reasonable price than foreign solutions to reduce TCO, with a wide range of functionalities, improved performance, and convenient technical support.

  • 360º Holistic Solutions
    Data integration, Real-time data pattern indexing and searching, Metadata Management, Data Quality, Data Lineage, Master data management, big data, IoT-all under one unified governance platform with innovative Architecture.
  • Advanced solution planning,
    consulting and support
    DataStreams offers best in class consulting through our expert consulting team and also build extensive pre-sales and post-sales support.
  • High Affordability
    DataStreams offers many options to choose 3rd party tools and open-sources technologies, and the pricing is built in a way that offers the best cost-effectiveness in any target market.
  • Granular Support
    We are ready to support whenever business requirements change and new data management requirements are added, because we are always adding new features and enhancements to our solutions to support all the latest upgrades and changes, and we are constantly adding support for new data management scenarios